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The way to a more productive and balanced office life...  

Select from our expert therapists, speakers, coaches at TreatYourStaff to boost employee engagement and have happier, more productive, thriving teams.  We are here to consult on your company's wellness program as well as organising a Wellness Week/Day/Hour, depending on your needs. We work with our trained professionals on all areas like Workplace Fitness, Mindfulness, Leadership Coaching, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition and Chair Massage.

We deliver sessions on health awareness, nutrition and workplace fitness to your employees and clientsWhen it comes to mindfulness we provide a large variety of topics, which can be tailor made to one specific team or your whole organisation. One of the most popular activities is Chair Massage. It's the most rewarding when it comes to boosting engagement levels at work. Steve our massage therapist goes to your office and your employees can enjoy a 20-minutes massage to relax, and recharge.  

If your company needs something light and uplifting, we are here to organise a team-building day or just a fun evening. We work with professional Improvisation Actors, who can either perform a show or lead a team-building activity for your team.

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