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About Us

TreatYourStaff is all about helping you and your colleagues to feel better, motivated, balanced and valued. In our world today companies started to realise, this is the key to productivity and more engaged, thriving teams.  Our work environment changed so much in the past years, employees are expecting their employers to react, be flexible and treat them well, to take care about their wellbeing and give them space to live in proper work-life balance. Our team at TreatYourStaff is here to give you guidance on how to start, build up an employee wellness strategy and make it a reality. 

The story behind...

It all started with 15 years of employment in the corporate world, working for global companies in event, marketing and communication roles. The last 8 years I spent at American Express Global Business Travel (AMEX GBT) in the UK, generating new business as a skilled marketer as well as leading  employee engagement projects.  


The idea of Treat Your Staff was born following a fantastic project on employee wellness at AMEX GBT, which I was leading. The success of the event has gone viral at the company on a global level as well as among our sponsors. That was the moment when I felt this has to happen at other companies too and I shall dedicate myself fully to my passion: helping people to live well and feel well.

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